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All cats are special, and mine are particularly special in my eyes. Many of my rescues are cats that have been neglected and abandoned, though not actually abused, and for the most part they have no severe trauma to overcome. Quite a few cats have come to me directly from their owners’ homes, for a variety of reasons (allergy, no money, no time to give them, leaving the country, etc.), while others are cats about whose pasts I know nothing. In the latter case, I have to guess at their ages (my vet’s assessments are quite accurate, however) and will never know what experiences they have had. In all cases, I am generally in possession of the cats long enough to have a good idea of their temperaments, likes, dislikes and health issues.

I am seeking adopters who will care for their animals through thick and thin, and who understand that this can involve inconvenience, hair on the sofa, stains on the carpet, broken vases and considerable financial outlay. In exchange for all this mess and money, you get a warm fuzzy feeling when a warm fuzzy creature sticks its paw into your sleeping face to wake you up and tell you he loves you and it’s time for his breakfast. You get someone who thinks your potbelly and love handles are designed for her personal feline comfort. You get someone to whom such things as morning breath, bed head, boring conversation and varicose veins are unimportant, and who thinks you are the bee’s knees every day of the week. Think of the money you can save on therapy with your own personal furry morale booster on duty 24/7!

If you are interested in considering an adoption, here’s what I would like to know about you:

  1. Your experience with pets past or present (feel free to provide ample details, I am not bored by other people’s cat stories);
  2. Which of my cats you are interested in as well as anything else you might consider relevant (if you are a tenant, your landlord’s attitude to pets is important, for example).

The next stage involves a meeting with me and the animals at the veterinary hospital where the cats are boarded pending their adoption. This meeting doesn't commit you to an adoption, nor does it commit me to letting you have one of my animals, it is just to allow us to get to know one another and see whether I have the right match for you.

I charge an adoption fee of one hundred dollars.

All the cats are in as good a state of health as I and my veterinarians can ensure; they are of course vaccinated, neutered and treated for parasites, and any other obvious problems are dealt with (very often in the older cats this means teeth cleaning, but it can involve more invasive things like, in the case of one Siamese, the amputation of one badly fractured hind leg, and in the case of a Persian, a nose job to enlarge his nostrils, as he had difficulty breathing and sounded like a bulldog, poor thing).

I always take back my animals if the adoption is not fully satisfactory for all concerned, and provide pre and post adoption advice.

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